Photographers policy

Some of the guests at are events are happy with their picture being taken and used on select web sites, others are however not so keen for various reasons.  To ensure that everyone's wishes and desires are catered for we have established a policy or code of conduct for the official photographers at our events.  All photographers agree to the following in simple conditions order to be present at the event.

  1. No pictures will be taken without the express consent of everyone caught in frame, anyone who feels that they may have been erroneously caught in frame will ask to see the picture to verify.  If they have been caught you must immediately delete the image and retake the shot if necessary.

  2. Photographers must be willing to take private pictures for people at the event if politely asked to do so; these pictures must only be distributed to those asking for the picture to be taken.  All guests have been made aware of the camera policy and have agreed to accommodate requests where possible. 

  3. The event is a players focused event and they have priority in the dungeon area, please be careful of other peoples space when framing a shot, players will generally try to leave a space around photographers but please check the area around your shot to make sure you are not encroaching on others.

  4. Although flash photography is essential in the lighting conditions of the venue, many players appreciate it when photographers are aware of the effect that a stray flash can have on others scenes.  Where possible please ensure that the line of flash sight does not startle other ongoing scenes.

  5. Photographers are encouraged to use a watermark to protect the identity of their work; a small mention of the web address for the event is also appreciated, this should take the form of ensuring that each picture carries the phrase " <insert event date>".  Advice on freeware software to do this is available on request.

  6. All photographers will keep a log of pictures so that they have a record of who was in each shot, this must include at least one contact name per picture.

  7. All pictures will be made available to the organisers within 7 days of the end of the event so that selected approved pictures can be put on the gallery.

  8. All photographers will ensure that each person that they take pictures of receives their email contact details before the end of the event or that contact details are available through the website or organisers.

  9. No pictures taken at the event can be used for commercial purposes beyond illustrating examples of your work without the express consent of all those in shot.  This has been particularly requested to ensure that pictures do not end up inserted into inappropriate articles as a "stock image".

  10. Template documents can be provided in advance of the event to make the logging of pictures less arduous.