Conditions of Entry.


You enter the premises of the venue and use any equipment entirely at your own risk.


You accept any and all responsibility for your actions against any party. All equipment in the venue are novelty items only.


You accept responsibility for checking before use, any equipment and your immediate environment, for its suitability and safety for intended use.


The organisers accept no responsibility whatever, for any injury, damage, loss or any other outcome caused by any means.


To ensure the privacy of our Patrons.  No usage of cameras or other image recording devices without organiser's prior permission and attendance at time of use.  Failure to comply will result in confiscation of recording media and ejection from the premises.  There are official photographers present who will be willing to take a picture for you, if you wish for the picture not to be used on this or their personal web sites please make it clear at the time of taking.  All photographers have agreed to abide by the code of conduct set out on this site and will not take a picture without first gaining approval of all those in frame.  If at any stage of the evening you feel that your image has been erroneously captured without your permission please ask one of the organisers to go through the digital media with you to check.


You are advised that the venue management enforce a zero drugs tolerance policy throughout the premises and you may either be refused entrance of immediately removed from the event.  Although we do not wish to control what you do in private we have a responsibility to our other guests to make sure that this policy is strictly enforced, if you are even suspect of being on drugs you may be asked to leave the event immediately.


This is a play focused event and if you are asked to move by someone who is engaged in a scene please do so immediately and without question, several DMís will be on hand should you need assistance or clarification of any matter during the event.


The location of the event must be kept private from all parties not already on the guest list to ensure that the attendance limit is adhered to, details including full directions will be posted directly to those purchasing a ticket online.  If anyone turns up without prior confirmation they will be turned away at the door.


Dress Code


There is no strict dress code for the event beyond fetish is vigorously encouraged and blue jeans and trainers are not acceptable.  We go to great lengths to provide a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere at the parties, after all making an effort on your appearance will make socialising easier.  Please respect the effort that others go to in preparing for an event like this and understand that complete nudity outside of an active scene is discouraged, as is the practice of self gratification while watching others play.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly, once you have completed the information below the next email will include directions to the venue and a contact number should you need it.


If you agree to the above conditions and would like to purchase tickets please select the relevant button bellow, once your purchase is confirmed you will be emailed directions and asked to submit the details you wish to be held on the door.




Please select the button below to purchase your tickets in advance of the next event.  Tickets purchased via PayPal on the day of the event after 11:30am can not be confirmed so please make sure that you book early.  Please ensure that you include the names of all attendees in the text box of the PayPal form.  Once your purchase has been confirmed you will be sent further details.


First time guests must pay online for tickets in order to conform with the venues screening requirements, after which you can either pay on the door or pay at one of the many events we attend throughout the month.


         Select this button to purchase 1 ticket for the next event
        Select this button to purchase 2 tickets for the next event
        Select this button to purchase 3 tickets for the next event
        Select this button to purchase 4 tickets for the next event

If these buttons do not work for your browser please use PayPal to manually send £10 per ticket to the following email address:

Pay on the door tickets will be subject to availability and not preferred for fist time guests as the PayPal process also allows us to ensure age verification.