Below is a collection of rope bondage sites that you might be interested in.  If you would like to add a link please get in contact.


Eros Zine article about JuST rope -

Rope Tutors

Esinem - Highly recommended Rope artist and tutor.  I can personally vouch for how worthwhile his workshops are -

Chanta Rose - Check out her new book Bondage for sex vol.1 , its a MUST have for all rope lovers -

JuST Rope members sites

DogTrainer1974 -

Rope Newsgroups

UK Newsgroup for rope enthusiasts -

Rope Gallery Sites inspirational rope work and photography -

Instructional Web sites

Bondage Project links to tutorials -

Exploding Knots -

Animated GIFs showing how some knots are tied -

Healthy Breast Bondage, by Susan Wright -

Hojo Jutsu Historic info -

Hojojutsu Tutorials and historic info -

Japan Rope Tutorials -

Kinbaku Tutorial -

Nawa-do Lots and lots of tutorials -

Peter Suber links to knot tying websites -

Rope for Pleasure Safety information -

Tammad's Bondage How-To Page Tutorials -

Two Knotty Boys Safety information -